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I’m Jay Mangano and this is my blog.

This week I discuss the positive aspects of choosing a small personalised builder like Devrite Homes of Distinction.

Recently I was working with a client looking forward to building his home, when I received an email from him listing all the reasons why he would build with us. His list included the following

There are so many more positives including the quality of the home that is produced and the journey along the way.  

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If you have any questions about the blog or anything building related or maybe you have a problem with your house that you would like an opinion on please email us.  We will always try to help, we love giving back.

I hope to use my blog to help others in a positive way by sharing my experiences and leanings through this blog.

If you know someone that may be interested in the blog please forward it to them. 

As our business is built on referrals, we would be delighted if you could pass on our details to someone who may benefit from chatting with a customer-focused builder that cares about attention to detail and their clients.

 Have a great weekend 

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