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Why did I start my building company?

I have always wanted to create things and to help people. What better way is there to help people, than to build their dream home.  I have a strong desire to make the building experience an enjoyable and fulfilling journey for each and everyone of our clients. I actually feed off the enthusiasm that comes from doing the best one possibly can.  I strive to make the building of their home a joyous experience.  I want them to get as excited as I do about their home.

Devrite Homes of Distinction grew from a renovation based company, to a company that specialises in Bespoke Custom Built Homes, that are specifically tailored to fit like Cinderella`s glass slipper. Just like the slipper we are totally transparent and we strive for the fairy tail ending of "Happy Ever After".

Both Ron, my husband and I are registered builders and believe in surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, who share our country values of honesty and integrity.

In the following weeks, I hope to use my blog to help others in a positive way by sharing my experiences and leanings through this blog. 

Please click on the link below to read the blog:

If you have any questions about the blog or anything building related or maybe you have a problem with your house that you would like an opinion on please email us.  We will always try to help.

If you know someone that may be interested in the blog please forward it to them. 

As our business is built on referrals, we would be delighted if you could pass on our details to someone who may benefit from chatting with a customer-focused builder that cares about attention to detail and their clients.

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